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As part of a diversification programme in 2005 Bolster Construction and Ger Norris Construction travelled to many countries with a view to expanding internationally concentrating mostly on the evolving eastern block countries. It was decided that Poland ticked all the boxes after many trips there, viewing many different investments from Warsaw to Poznan. It was also decided that a large investment would need to take place to justify set up expenses and time allocation to the new venture.

The combined skills and management of Bolster Construction (www.bolstergroup.com) and Ger Norris Construction (www.gnc.ie) meant that a very significant investment could be made in Poland. Both companies have extensive experience in residential, commercial and detail development.

Kinglet Sp. z.o.o is born

One site shone out from the rest and so it was agreed Kinglet Sp. z.o.o (Polish Company) was set up and purchased 405 acres of land 12 km from Warsaw and 22km from the city centre. This was the beginning of what is now a mammoth operation with 90 acres zoned retail/commercial on the main Warsaw to Gadnsk motorway. We are currently in the process of re-zoning the balance of the 315 acres to residential town centre and commercial, which will create several thousand apartments. During this process it was announced that the new low fares Airport for Warsaw will be created in Modlin, which is approximately 15km north of the site.

On the back of many positive announcements it was decided to apply for planning permission (permit) for a 1,700 bedroom of 3, 4 and 5 star Hotel with a 45,000 square metres of a venue/exhibition centre.

Kinglet Sp. z.o.o has gone on to purchase two city centre office blocks, which we have refurbished and rented out. A further city centre site is in the process of planning for a new eight-storey office block. Due to Kinglet's increased activity the future plan is to start a construction wing to Kinglet Sp. z.o.o which will feed from the vast experience that both Bolster Construction and Ger Norris Construction Mastercraft Homes have learnt over the years.