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Kinglet & Czosnow Central

Czosnow will have, as its heartbeat, a new district centre called Czosnow Central. It will comprise a complimentary series of retail and commercial quarters, all merging seamlessly to form a genuine “centre” for this vibrant new town.

In total, Czosnow will provide over 1,000,000 m2 of retail/commercial amenities. It will host a range of shopping, civic, cultural and entertainment facilities including cinemas, restaurants and cafes arranged strategically around the civic avenue.

Design of Czosnow Central calls for a number of distinct quarters under headings such as fashion, grocery, wellness, leisure and transport. The net effect will be the creation of a modern European town centre, creating a genuine focal point for the entire community of Czosnow.

The Civic Buildings which will form part of Czosnow Central includes a primary healthcare facility, a state of the art public library and a shared place of worship, or upgrade of existing place of worship, depending on wishes of the local people.

Czosnow Central is conveniently located beside the main transport interchange. This reinforces the sense that there is a genuine "hub" at Czosnow, an area where residents can converge to work, play, shop and relax.

"Our Vision for the district centre at Czosnow Central is based on contemporary European town centres"
Ger Norris, Kinglet -Designed for living, secured for life.